SoulFood Project
Day 3 | April 7th
14:00 - 16:00
SoulFood Project - Boxout Weekender
Soulfood Project is the brainchild of Nikola Vujosevic, founded back in 2002, with the aim of promoting house, jazz, funk, soul and disco music and culture. He gravitates towards emotional, groovy and intelligent music. His show, Jazz For The Jet Set, is an all-wax show that aims to educate listeners about various shades of jazz and soul music.
Host of Jazz For The Jet Set on
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Boxout Weekender
Thank you for attending Boxout Weekender 2019 and coming out in support of the great radio hosts, DJs and artists who help prop up our community radio movement. We’ll be back even bigger next year, so stay tuned.
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