Rohan Kalé
Day 1 | April 5th
23:00 - 00:00
Rohan Kale - Boxout Weekender
Rohan Kalé is a producer, DJ and versatile guitarist from New Delhi. His time studying music in the UK left him with a deep-seated love for drum & bass, breaks, jungle, bass and the multitude of sounds in between. One of the original members of the crew since before the birth of the radio, Rohan's show Reflections features jazz selections and is a deep look into music that connects with the soul
Host of Reflections on
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Boxout Weekender
Thank you for attending Boxout Weekender 2019 and coming out in support of the great radio hosts, DJs and artists who help prop up our community radio movement. We’ll be back even bigger next year, so stay tuned.
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