Native Indian
Day 3 | April 7th
20:00 - 21:00
Native Indian - Boxout Weekender
Native Indian is the project of Siva Baskaran. He views it as a sensibility, a view of life that is native to people who have been conditioned in the Indian landscape. His part-fiction part-fact audio story portrays a vast narrative that unfolds over a vast timeline. He uses hip-hop as a medium of story-telling, with the first volume, titled "Nature Of The Self", telling the story of a god-like being from the future who travels back in time to relive the time of its ancestors and explore the conditioning that has been passed onto its DNA. The debut album is forthcoming on Recordings.
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Boxout Weekender
Thank you for attending Boxout Weekender 2019 and coming out in support of the great radio hosts, DJs and artists who help prop up our community radio movement. We’ll be back even bigger next year, so stay tuned.
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