Day 3 | April 7th
16:00 - 18:00
IAMRISHA - Boxout Weekender
IAMRISHA is a London-based DJ, radio host and advocate of the online radio community who has been presenting her own radio show A Worldwide Thing for over 5 years. She promotes global underground music including afro, jazz, Latin, soul, electronica and beyond and has been a host on Boxout.fm since the start of the radio. Recently, she travelled to Uganda to produce an East Africa Radio special with the Nyege Nyege collective and is also a part of the Musica Macondo collective which brings together curators from different platforms.
Host of A Worldwide Thing on boxout.fm
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Boxout Weekender
Thank you for attending Boxout Weekender 2019 and coming out in support of the great radio hosts, DJs and artists who help prop up our community radio movement. We’ll be back even bigger next year, so stay tuned.
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