Day 3 | April 7th
21:00 - 22:00
Fopchu - Boxout Weekender
Fopchu is an eccentric three-man band from New Delhi brought together by friendship and freaky experiences. 2018 saw them release their debut EP Milk Bred on Recordings. Their sound is a vivacious, loopy ride through time with synthesisers and samplers setting the groove and and guitars and bass enforcing a rhythmic tyranny. They create a sound that harks back to old, soulful blues and jazz with their live set encompassing a frivolous mix of moods ranging from broody ballads to knee-bending ditties.
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Boxout Weekender
Thank you for attending Boxout Weekender 2019 and coming out in support of the great radio hosts, DJs and artists who help prop up our community radio movement. We’ll be back even bigger next year, so stay tuned.
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