M168 001 - Dam Square

M168 001

About This Episode

First Broadcast: 05-08-2019
Show Name: M168
Host: Dam Square
Frequency: Monthly

About the show:
The name of the show relates to the transitional years of my life where I explored without any boundaries. In the same way, the show will have no boundaries. It will not just be about a single genre. Every episode of the show will have something new in-store. It is going to be a mood-changing show. It will be a global show with music from every part of the world and will break the barriers of language.


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  1. Natiq – Kaise [Independent]
  2. Natiq-  Chalien Kahin (Lofi edit) [ Independent]
  3. LoneKat- Aram Se [Independent]
  4. Dolorblind- Vacuum Black Hue [Independent]
  5. Corridors-  700 Rupees [Boxout.fm Recordings]
  6. Park Circus X National Animal- Azadi Haraam [nrtya]
  7. VISION- Akele [Independent]
  8. Gracy Hopkins - Gynephobia: Naked [Le Sofa]
  9. Fouki- Positif [7e Ciel]
  10. BiG HEATH- Pablo [ Polydor Records]
  11. Karan Kanchan & Kalmi – Torii [OTODAYO Records]
  12. NDS – Chaya Geet [Independent]
  13. Tanzen – Chor Ki Rani [Independent]
  14. Tre Ess – Nawazuddin Flow ( ft. Tienas) [nrtya]
  15. Parimal Shais- Kuyiline Thedi X METALD ( Parimal Shais Remix) [Independent]
  16.  Salty Prawn – Jungle Mie Shikaari [Independent]
  17.  The Mellow Turtle – Aamras ( ft. Tre Ess) [nrtya]
  18.  NDS- Noorie [Independent]
  19.  Chong Wizard- The Return of Soopaman Luva (ft.Vic Spencer &  El Ay) [Independent]
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