Kindled Love 002 - Kaleekarma

Kindled Love 002

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Sonic imprints of emotions by Kaleekarma and its visual interpretation by Sachin Samson - Kindled love is a series of stories put together with an intention to spark the joy and passion of loving-living through the ability of expression.


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1. Temul Talk by Legs Benedict

2. safe, now by harris cole & aso

3. Sour by Goopsteppa & Ill Chill

4. Tiger-striped Cat by Padma Purana

5. speaking with trees by Delayde

6. When It Rains by saib.

7. Exhale by Jisatsu no otōsan

8. hills and horizons by fujitsu

9. belas by eevee

10. Daughter by Four Tet

11. Interlude 5 / Lo-fi recreation by Degiheugi

12. Macrobeat by Milka

13. Know Love by L'Orange

14. Istoria Mias Kalpikis Liras by Padma Purana

15. Hug All Your Relatives by GooMar

16. Night black crow Part.1 by Degiheugi

17. i could never find the right way to tell you by sparkle & fade

18. Darkening by Sotusura

19. By the Sea by Gone Gone Beyond, The Human Experience feat. SEMES

20. Be On Through by oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls

21. Raindrops by Kupla X j'san

22. Snowfall/Snowfall by George Shearing/Billy May

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