Ikigai 002 - Pooja B

Ikigai 002

About This Episode

Indian born, Pooja B is a resident at Analog Room (Dubai), a weekly underground party with a cult following. Now DJing for over a decade she has played several festivals and clubs in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

She curates 'The EQ Way' radio show on Flux FM Berlin, which provides a platform for female-identifying artists to showcase their music to a new wider audience. With the launch of The EQ Way, she has become a voice for equality on dance floors in India and the Middle East. Pooja B has been on several panels including a Boiler Room Discussion in Mumbai at Bud X along with Frankie of Discwoman (NY), about ‘Equalizing Dance Spaces’, a topic very close to her heart.

Follow the sounds of the underpasses and the visions between concrete and steel.


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1. Loso - Hypnos (Stevie Wilson Remix) [Shout Records]

2. Lakej - Separate Paths [Greyreport]

3.. Silentcell - The Inside Man Galaxy [Underdub Records]

4.. AR-NDILL - Tension [Visiions]

5.. Emiel Zwart - Distant Sky [Underdub Records]

6.. Reeko - Gate H01 [Polegroup]

7.. Silentcell - Confidential Disorders [Underdub Records]

8.. P.E.A.R.L. - Lost Basement (Original Mix) [Illegal Alien LTD]

9. Takaaki Itoh - Error Polynomial (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Wols Records ]

10. Amotik - Chaubis (Original Mix) [Amotik]

11. Alfredo Mazzilli - Heliodor [Arts]

12. Lars Huismann  - Mechanical Thoughts [Voxnox Records]

13. Sad Girl - Oizys (Keith Carnal Remix) [Mary Go Wild Black]

14. Rebekah - Code Black (Original Mix) [Soma Records]

15. Victor Alvar - Maleficio (Original Mix) [Underdub Records]

16. Dax J, Cleric - Flight 19 (Original Mix) [Clergy]

17. Cave Djz - Lensflare (Original Mix) [Hybrid Confusion]

18. Emmanuel - Installations (Original Mix) [Arts]

19. Hephaistos  - erratic behavior  

20. Ritzi Lee - Something Behind The Smoke [MORD]

21. VSK, Symmetrical Behaviour, Conrad Von Orton - Deformation Gradient (Original Mix) [Soma Records]

22. Lewis Fautzi - Knives (Original Mix) [Bpitch]

23. Phara - FM (Original Mix) [Planet Rhythm]

24. A Birth Defect - A Birth Defect - Acid Doof [Archivio]

25. Dax J - Late Night Mistress [Klockworks]

26. Lucy, Rrose - Peeling (Original Mix) [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

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