Here There Be Monsters 004 - efemme

Here There Be Monsters 004

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As the longest-standing resident of Yorkshire’s The Night Kitchen, with a history of digging in local secondhand record shops for old Warp records, bleep, and electro, Sheffield-born, and Berlin-based efemme's show Here There Be Monsters delves further into fast-paced, dark electro world.

Unleashing from the subterranean depths of the photic zones efemme returns with rinses of heavy techno.


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  1. StabUdown Productions - FyeRRR! [Piezo]
  2. Beta Evers - Only For My Satisfaction (Bodyvolt Remix) [Discos Atónicos]
  3. Local Group - Random Utterances [Ritual Poison] 
  4. Piezo - OiOiOi [Piezo]
  5. Danny Daze - Late night snack [Moustache Records]
  6. Gravedad Cinetica - Mental Projection [Battery Park Studio] 
  7. ANZ - Helps Your Two Hips Move [Local Action]
  8. Hadamard - Dance With Me [Self Released] 
  9. Gab Gato - A Scanner Darkly [Drivecom] 
  10. Lake Haze - Molecule Processing [E-Beamz] 
  11. Mumdance - Return Of The Room 2 Laser [Fabric] 
  12. Estebahn - Eastbound (M-Bahn Mix) [Brainwaves] 
  13. Norwell - Ultima Thule [Mechatronica]
  14. Generali Minerali - Digital Lovers [Crobot Muzik] 
  15. Lake Haze - Radius_X34 [E-Beamz] 
  16. Shadowax - Mortal Talking (трип) 
  17. DJ Disrespect - Charge The System [Dionysian Mysteries]  
  18. DTROY - MandleBr0t Pie [Detroit Underground] 
  19. Cybereign - Machine Man [Crobot Muzik] 
  20. Jensen Interceptor - Time Echo (feat. The Hacker) [Lone Romantic]
  21. Fabio Monesi - Pancho Returns [Craigie Knowes] 
  22. DJ Haus & Hugo Massien - Hypnotik Rhythm Sequence [Unknown To The Unknown] 
  23. London Modular Alliance - Volatile State [International Black] 
  24. Poison Arrow - If you don’t love me (Nathan Jonson’s I fall In Love Even Though It’s A Trap Remix) [Pleasure District]
  25. Thought Universe - To Hold Within [SKAM]
  26. VC118A - Vex [Radio Matrix]
  27. Tout Casser - Caustic Dance [Brainwaves] 
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