Gambit 001 - Akhil Sr.

Gambit 001

About This Episode

A chameleon by nature, Gambit supplies a carefully selected mystery genre and soundscapes to journey through each month. Much like a frenzy of slot machines, Gambit challenges you to pull the lever and win big.


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  1. Djrum - Blue Violet (R & S sounds)
  2. Analias - Days like this (inwyk)
  3. Soundbwoy Killah - Escape Velocity (Sneaker social club)
  4. Filter dread - Corrupt Floppy Disk (De Grandi’s Space Mountain remix) (TV Showw)
  5. Fourtet- Lahaina Noon (Text record label)
  6. Soundbwoy Killah - Wanna Hold U (Sneaker Social Club)
  7. Cell Out - Transcendance (Beatnik Boulevard)
  8. Zokuma - Shatter (Third Culture)
  9. Yutaro Sugawara - Warp (Holding Hands Records)
  10. Oceantied - Luru (Wild City)
  11. Tape Fear - Car’s Booked (Holding Hands Records)
  12. Dj Seinfeld - Mono Melo (Young Ethics)
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Gambit 002 - Akhil Sr.

Gambit 002

Akhil Sr.