More About This Resident

Spryk is the brainchild of Tejas Nair, who has been consistently redefining the role of an independent electronic artist in the Indian scene across various spectrums for nearly 4 years. His tireless creative endeavours engaging with electronic music and technology-driven art has now amassed a significant following for his work.

Having shared the stage with titans of his craft, Spryk holds the promise to deliver cutting edge experiences, both on and off the dance floor. His latest sounds as part of a collaboration with bigfatminimalist, titled 'Strange Movements' has been regarded as one of the finest audio-visual treats to have come out of the country’s bludgeoning scene.

His DJ set's feature a mix of bass music, swift rhythmic beats and a plethora of halftime beats. A keen purveyor of Bass driven electronic music and various forms of New Media arts, the last year has seen his work endorsed and supported by the likes ofRed Bull Music as a key artist in the region and Sennheiser Audio as a partner for their immersive audio line of products titled AMBEO. He has also worked with and been featured by the likes of Adidas Originals and PUMA on various campaigns.

From showcasing immersive art installations at the now iconic Magnetic Fields Festival, scoring the sound of India’s first AAA game title, ‘Antariksha Sanchaar’ to dishing out carefully crafted DJ sets taking listeners on a journey through Beats and Bass, Spryk’s DJ sets and live performances have enthralled crowds at some of India's finest festivals.

Alongside his solo efforts, Spryk has been showcasing the finest underground sounds being produced in the region to the rest of the globe via his own label imprint and online radio show, 'Skip-A-Beat', broadcast every month on Boxout.fm.

2019 for Spryk is looking good with a brand new record on the horizon, exciting new collaborations, and a few select brand partnerships. 


  • What I’m Usually Up To:
    Riding, scoring films, doing music for video games and experimenting with new technologies like VR, AR & AI.
  • My Favourite Food:
    Mom's food
  • On My Bucket List:
    Travel to Japan has been on my bucket list for a long long time now. The pace at which art and culture evolves in Japan has always fascinated me.
  • My Deserted Island Disc:
    Trentemoller - The Last Resort

Mixes by Spryk

Skip-A-Beat 026 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 026

Skip-A-Beat 025 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 025

Skip-A-Beat 024 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 024

Skip-A-Beat 022 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 022

Skip-A-Beat 021 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 021

Skip-A-Beat 020 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 020

Skip-A-Beat 019 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 019

Skip-A-Beat 018 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 018

Skip-A-Beat 017 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 017

Skip-A-Beat 016 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 016

Skip-A-Beat 015 - Spryk (Guest Mix by Mug£n)

Skip A Beat 015

Skip-A-Beat 014 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 014

Skip-A-Beat 013 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 013

Skip-A-Beat 012 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 012

Budweiser x BW053.3 - Spryk

Boxout Wednesdays 053.3

Skip-A-Beat 011 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 011

Skip-A-Beat 010 - Spryk (Guest Mix by Three Oscillators)

Skip A Beat 010

KRUNK Guest Mix 040 :: Spryk

Krunk Presents 040

Skip-A-Beat 009 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 009

Skip-A-Beat 008 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 008

Skip-A-Beat 007 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 007

Skip-A-Beat 006 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 006

Skip-A-Beat 005 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 005

Skip-A-Beat 004 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 004

Skip-A-Beat 003 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 003

Skip-A-Beat 002 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 002

Skip-A-Beat 001 - Spryk

Skip A Beat 001