Our Deep Movement

More About This Resident

Our Deep Movement is not one or two. It's a network of industrial designers, animators and game designers who are deeply into alternative electronic music culture. Everyone explores and shares their spectrum of sounds with each episode.


  • What I’m Usually Up To:
    Design meaningful products / generate visual pleasures
  • My Favourite Food:
    We commonly agree it's pizza.
  • On My Bucket List:
    Loni Electronics Showcase at Magnetic Fields because we see the festival more like a masterclass than a festival. Pure education of sounds.
  • My Deserted Island Disc:
    Dj Koze - Dj Kicks EP

Mixes by Our Deep Movement

लोणी Electronics 032 - Dawda

लोणी Electronics 032

Our Deep Movement
लोणी Electronics 027 - Ajaaz & Yash

लोणी Electronics 027

Our Deep Movement