More About This Resident

OSE is the moniker of Arushi Jain. She grew up in Delhi, studying Hindustani classical since she was 11. She has trained at the Prayag Hindustani Music School and the Ravi Shankar Institute in Delhi. Arushi has performed at Wiener Musikverein (the Golden Hall) in Vienna, the Rashtrapati Bhawan in India with the Mozart Choir of India, and the Stanford Bing Auditorium with Stanford Laptop Orchestra. She completed her B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University, where she was introduced to computer generated sounds and synthesis via audio programming languages at the Centre for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). Today, she brings out the vibrancy of Hindustani music in modern electronica, by composing electronic music heavily inspired by her background as an Indian classical musician. She uses modular synthesizers, analog drum machines, and her voice to craft an interplay in Hindustani music with ambient textures, a heavy emphasis on distorted rhythm and disorienting glitch. Her lush synths create an aura of familiarity & comfort, with just enough hair-raising elements of glitch. ओस (os) means dewdrop in Hindi. Arushi is the founder of GHUNGHRU (www.ghunghru.fm), a radio series and record label based out of San Francisco. Ghunghru creates a space where sound is sound without needing to be music, curating ambient and experimental sound art. With this label, she hopes to create more acceptance of experimental sounds, synthesis as therapy, and eclectic local art.


  • What I’m Usually Up To:
    Synth patching, coding, chasing open mics at jazz cafes and drinking prosecco.
  • My Favourite Food:
    Ghar ka khana & burrata.
  • On My Bucket List:
    I want to go for a writing retreat in the middle of nowhere where the view is gorgeous, the food is delicious and the wine is spectacular - with just my modular synth, some pedals, a sampler and a microphone.
  • My Deserted Island Disc:
    Maestro's Choice - Ravi Shankar // Vrioon - Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto

Mixes by ose

Ghunghru 029 - ose

ghunghru 029

Ghunghru 028 - Jerod Rivera

ghunghru 028

Jerod Rivera
Ghunghru 027 - Lychee

ghunghru 027

Ghunghru 026 -Tyrel Williams

ghunghru 026

Ghunghru 025 - Mike Gushansky

ghunghru 025

Mike Gushansky
Ghunghru 024 - Ose

ghunghru 024

Ghunghru 023 - Eugenia

ghunghru 023

Ghunghru 018 - Tape Ghost

ghunghru 018

Ghunghru 017 - ose

ghunghru 017

Ghunghru 016 - aakaara

ghunghru 016

Ghunghru 010 - ose

ghunghru 010

Experimental Hour 028 - Ose

Experimental Hour 028

Boxout Wednesdays 090.1 - ose

Boxout Wednesdays 090.1

Ghunghru 001 - ose

ghunghru 001

Experimental Hour 019 - ose (u n e q u i v o c a l l y)

Experimental Hour 019