Akhil Sr.

More About This Resident

Born and raised in Dubai, Akhil has watched his city bloom from desert into a metropolitan mosh pit of diversity. Having early exposure various cultures and backgrounds, a taste in celebrating difference was birthed early. This went hand in hand with finding new music and new music scenes which is where he met some of his closest friends.


  • What I’m Usually Up To:
    Listening to podcasts
  • My Favourite Food:
    Home cooked meals by parental figures or friends
  • On My Bucket List:
    Learn a new language and figure out digital art
  • My Deserted Island Disc:
    Washed Out – Mister Mellow (discovered last year)

Mixes by Akhil Sr.

Gambit 002 - Akhil Sr.

Gambit 002

Akhil Sr.
Gambit 001 - Akhil Sr.

Gambit 001

Akhil Sr.