Salty Prawn

About This Release

Chirps and Burps is the ray of melodic sunshine you didn’t know you needed and incidentally, the first full-fledged project from the prodigal, pastoral son of India’s embryonic beat scene a.k.a Salty Prawn. Nimbly-executed with zero fat to trim, Chirps and Burps is an outpouring that is truly visceral, balancing casual comfort with even more casual left turns. That, however, is just shorthand for trying to mentally unpack the 21-year-old Mumbai native, someone just about getting his pereipods wet, a vision yet to reveal in full its many crustacean layers. In its breezy, sub-30-minute runtime, you can drift away knowing three things of ultimate consequence - time is but a man-made construct, art will ensure we don’t all die of truth, and that the best beats are those that tremor with pure grit.
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