Native Indian

About This Release

Native Indian and Nature Of The Self are kindred sensibilities - a view of life that is native to the people who have been conditioned by the modern Indian landscape, and a balance of its heritage and potential. Through a concoction of various musical styles, influences extending to stand-up comedians, modern philosophers, old Indian films, classic cartoons, legendary video games and a childhood love for story writing and character development, Nature Of The Self reveals itself as an aural fantasy. Following the journey of a God-like being from the future traveling back in time to unearth the roots of his conditioning, we relive the lives of his ancestors, drink from their proverbial chalice, explore their interactions with their surroundings, and temporarily photostat the belief systems that governed those times. Nature Of The Self is equal parts realism and fiction, sci-fi robotics and mythical mysticism, clinical appeal and rural grime, solemnity and comic relief. In Nature Of The Self, hip-hop’s power as a storytelling tool has been respected, revered and built upon, and its unique sound design has made way for copious influence from rural India. Here, the message is also the messenger. Native Indian is the faceless enigma Siva Baskaran.
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