About This Release

Riding high off a string of club-smashing Mollywood releases, New Delhi production and DJ duo MadStarBase are out with their first official single on Recordings. For the appropriately-titled ‘First Kiss’, MSB re-enlist their ‘1k on the Gram’ collaborators - Vancouver wordsmith Sik Vik and New Delhi rap OG, MC RiSK. First Kiss is exactly what its title suggests - lust, yearning, flesh, blood, and tongues - intimate bedfellows buttressed by a low ‘n’ slow soul jam from first breath to last gasp. As formidable in the club as it is in the bedroom, First Kiss finds its inspiration in the dark, with the curtains closed and the lights low, where saintliness and hedonism collide. True renaissance shit for creatures of the night. MadStarBase are Ase and Neal.
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