About This Release

Let it be recorded in history and disseminated through cultural theory for generations to come, that in the year 2018, the people rose from the ravages of a memeified existence and sought deliverance. And then, a miracle. The messiahs of Fopchu appeared on the horizon bearing the fruits of perseverance - some Milk, a little Bred - nectars so sweet yet so venomous, so essential yet so luxurious. And with that, the kids rejoiced, the monochrome burst into color as lasers lit up the night sky fueling the adolescent fantasies of a new generation of misfits. The world was a happy place again. The difference, you ask, between the debut Fopchu record and Katy Perry shooting fireworks out of her flame-proof dress? There was absolutely no reason for the latter. Fopchu, from New Delhi, are: Kaizad Nariman - vocals/guitars/FX Siddhant Subs - synthesizer/guitars/FX Shantam Khanna - synthesizer/drums/FX The Milk Bred EP is their first album, a 4-song suite that fuses the ebullience of the past with the frenzied energy of the future, where instruments of yore marry blips of control voltage in New Delhi's extreme weather to forge something entirely new, entirely Fopchu.
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