About This Release

Less a piece of music and more a natural phenomena, the In Transit EP from Corridors proffers both lava and light. In its current environment, the former metal drummer’s oceanic embrace of synthetic, machine music feels at times like a balm soothing over a darkening reality, and other times, a slowly-fermenting chemical charge that deflagrates your delicate middle-ear membrane. But it’s miles apart from some druggy, casual, DAW-chaperoned, late night fling between haptics and rhythm. This is studied stuff - the kind of wised-up beat programming and Machiavellian use of vocals and ambience that’ll satiate fans either side of the traditional and experimental music divide. Like all premium highs, it's short, intense and well-justified. Swallow the sin before it's sanitised. Corridors is the New Delhi-based Rijul Victor.
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