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Nishant Mittal - Chai and Chill

Verdura Vibes 009 - Sepoys

One for those lazy days when you feel like doing nothing but just listen to some music. Infused with soul, jazz and funk this one will help you do just that.

1. Bus Stop Bittles by RJD2
2. Inner Guidance by LTJ Bukem
3. When I’m With You by Georg Levin
4. Fill Your Eyes by Unknown
5. Forth & Back (Rock Music) by Slum Village
6. The Larp by Casino Vs Japan
7. Groove on 98 by Frankie Flowerz
8. Cut Chemist Suite by Ozomatli
9. Freakin Weirdo (Beanfield Remix) by Tweak
10. Summer in Paris by Dj Cam feat Anggun
11. On the Down low by Umod
12. Break Charmer by Cujo
13. Consciousness by Hedfunk
14. Running by J. Rawls
15. Footsteps by Jeff Kaale