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Tropickle 011 - Yidam

Yidam digs up the roots, going back a few generations to the original records, and playing them uncut. The result is a world music tour covering Africa, South America, Middle East and South East Asia with tons of music from the 70s. This is a 100% retro episode of Tropickle.

1. Bambugu Blues by Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba
2. Dadje Von O Von Non by Gnonnas Pedro et ses Dadjes
3. Cariñito by Los Hijos del Sol
4. Morti Sta Bidjàcu by José Casimiro
5. Souffrance by Ibo Combo
6. Soul Do Samba by Márcio Local
7. Origin Of Man by The Budos Band
8. Alegntaye by Akale Wube
9. Ifang Bondi by Salimata
10. Tenhert by Tinariwen
11. Los Pakines by Ramo De Rosas
12. Fleur Tropical by Francis Bebey
13. Kom Veacha Tha Sneha Knom by Pan Ron
14. Broken Flower by The Cambodian Space Project
15. Lullaby by Jahle