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Nishant Mittal - Chai and Chill

The Home And The World 008 (Pakistan Psychedelicپاکستانی پرانے موسیقی) - Nishant Mittal

The Home And The World takes a drive through Pakistan in the latest episode. Join the ride.

1. The Aay Jay Theme by The Aay Jays
2. Cobra Sway by Sohail Rana
3. Aesi Chal Main by Nisar Bazmi
4. Khatak Dance by The Panthers
5. The Boat Man's Cry by The Fore Thoughts
6. Khyber Mail by Sohail Rana
7. Malkaus by The Panthers
8. Lahu Pukarega by Mohammed Ilyas
9. Arzoo by M. Ashraf
10. Nai Laila Nia Majnu by Tasadduq Hussain
11. Dhamaka by Lal Mohd Iqbal
12. Zambo Zambo by Nahid Akhtar
13. Happy New Year by Tafo Brothers & Noor Jehan
14. Dilla Taal (For J Dilla) by Jaubi
15. Settle It by Slowspin
16. Musst Musst (Massive Attack remix) by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan