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Reflections 019 - Rohan Kalé (For Ozzy)

This one is dedicated to Ozzy, look at the image for reference. To death, a reflection upon the calmness in death.

1. Lamp (late summer piano) by Haruka Nakamura
2. The Worst (Live at Capitol Studios) by Robert Glasper
3. Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow by Takuya Kuroda
4. Elegy for Amelia E. by Brad Mehldau, Mark Guiliana
5. Air by Joe Henderson and Alice Coltrane
6. I’ll Keep Loving You by Bud Powell
7. Medley, Spartacus Love Theme and Nargis by Bill Evans
8. Waltz for J.B by Brad Mehldau
9. Springtime Again by Sun Ra