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Tavishi - Guest Mix

DJ MoCity - #motellacast E94

01. Sentences (For Dilla) By Profound
02. Al Rajul Al Hadidi – Kid’s Play (Emergency Dub) By Offshore Devices
03. All Nite By Suicideyear X Outthepound
04. My Liege By Commodo
05. Fuck The Money By Farhot
06. Damn! Ft Jammin By The Last Skeptik
07. Fereastra Ușă By Raze De Soare
08. Pearl Song (Original Mix) By Onra
09. Mind Body & Jazz By Whoarei
10. Beitak By Aya Metwalli
11. Calling (Submerse Remix) By Sinerise @85bpm
12. Me & My By The Last Skeptik
13. Murder By Jarreau Vandal X Rom X Emmavie
14. Mo’ Squitos Mo’ Problems By Fricat
15. Season By Su Real & Sid Vashi
16. Dilla Taal (For J Dilla) By Jaubi
17. As Of Late By Insightful & Naji
18. System Down By Farhot
19. Lot-fi By Aeli
20. I Just Wanna By Salva