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Tavishi - Guest Mix

DJ MoCity - #motellacast E74

This one is a hybrid of brand new music from Mux Mool, Sandunes, B.visible, Obivon, Devonwho, Gonjasufi beats along with some handpicked Sri Lankan production and rap bits from the likes of Daffy Maestro, Bo Sedkid, imaad majeed, Amoral Compass, Tomcat and Magnum and the legend Toc Toc Baya. Global steez incoming on episode 74 of #motellacast!!

Discover DJ MoCity

1. Soul Banger by Ase
2. Monday by Mux Mool
3. transit by OBIVON
4. Green starfish by Daffy Maestro
5. Lyk Dis by NxWorries
6. Mighty Protonic by Sandunes
7. Dingo by B.Visible
8. Fifteen Tons by Mux Mool
9. QUOTA (ft. *imaad majeed) by Bo Sedkid
10. Tasee by Daffy Maestro
11. Goodmorning Sunshine (Instrumental) by Quasimoto
12. Two Words by Mike Milas
13. Shadown Man (Ft. Saba, Smino & Phoelix) by Noname
14. Emmental Dreams (ft. Toc Toc Baya) by Tomcat and Magnum
15. Balance by Earl Sweatshirt
16. metropolitan by OBIVON
17. Cruisecontrol (ft. Zackey Force Funk and I, CED) by devonwho
18. Strange Technology (ft. Akrobatik & Gonjasufi) by L’Orange & Mr. Lif
19. Don’t Philosophy by Amoral Compass
20. Pharoh the Poor Painter by Thriftworks