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KRUNK Guest Mix 023 :: Aniruddh Menon

Krunk’s weekly Guest Mixes showcases the best electronic music from the Indian subcontinent and abroad.
Guest Mix – 023 by @aniruddhmenon

About Aniruddh Menon

Aniruddh Menon is an artist who releases music both as a part of (the band) Machli and on his own. His sound is a blend of hip hop-inspired beat work and distinctive chopped and warped samples. As a part of Consolidate, Menon has helped curate and promote some of the most original and compelling artists in the South Asian underground. His debut LP, Lovesongs was released this year via Consolidate Records.


1. School Suxxx by Disco Puppet

2.Machete Winter (w/King Yosef) by  Hellion

3.万事如意 by Lofimaker

4. Buta (feat. Serocee and Miss Red) by  GAIKA

5. Bayonette by Sofia Reta

6. x by Lyric Walls

7. Bermuda Love Triangle (feat. Addiquit//Ghetto Rush Remix) by Machinedrum

8. Neon Nights (w/Planet V) by Yasu

9. Doordarshanti by zzz

10. Caves (Original Mix) by _RHL

11.Volga Nehri (Turkish Disco Folk)

12. #MURTOWN by Digital Suicide