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Arjun Sodhi - Sub-Z Sessions

Guest Mix 088 - Roska

We had man like Roska come to the HQ and do a Guest Mix for us. A dope selection full of energetic tracks. If there was a vibe meter, it’d be broken. Pumped up scenes!

01. Eediat Ting (feat Fox) by Jus Now, Roska
02. Pasa by Various
03. Unknown
04. Seeds Riddim by Murder He Wrote
05. Unknown
06. Plutonomy by Wookie
07. Unknown
08. Osiris by Jus Now, Roska
09. Unknown
10. KCU by Motu
11. Branches by Bakongo
12. Overdose by Ill Blu
13. Unknown
14. You Got Me Dub by T Williams/Jus Now
15. Unknown
16. Cool Down by Roska
17. Unknown
18. Dhol by Ahadadream
19. Feeline VIP by Roska
20. Mono by Murder He Wrote
21. Unknown
22. Altos by Rastronaut
23. Unknown
24. We Come Correct by Roska