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Nishant Mittal - Chai and Chill

Fresh Select Vol 46 KIWI MUSIC SPECIAL! Leisure | Noah Slee | Ladi6 | Lord Echo |BAYNK and more!

I am really stoked to finally get this New Zealand music special Fresh Select out! A while back I asked for KIWI music links and ideas, and was blown away with how much good stuff is out there!

This mix is just over 1 hour of tunes that I found and loved. It is by no means a definitive list and I have enough tunes for at least another full hour. But lets start here.

If you are back home in NZ this should be your summer road trip playlist. For my foreign friends if you didn’t know much about New Zealand music, this is a good introduction and slice of the depth of talent from that little set of islands. Enjoy..