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Farhan Rehman - Chai and Chill

Chai and Chill 014 - essarai

An eclectic approach to a mix full of rich and wondrous beats suffused with jazz influences throughout, focusing on the more chilled out side.

1. interlude 3 (Unreleased) by essarai
2. Fantômas: Le Faux Magistrat Part 2 by James Blackshaw
3. Ruiselede by LV
4. Y O U by ローマンRoman
5. Homewards by Mndsgn
6. Machines by Ivan Ave
7. Keep Your Worries feat. Angie Stone by Guru
8. Small Talk by Kenji
9. Liga by Cohenbeats
10. Tobyjug by Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles
11. Send Me Out (Girl Unit mix) by Kelela
12. Big City Blues (4 T-Bone Walker) by Young Spice
13. Butterfly Inside My House by Kiefer
14. R6 (Interlude) by Henry Wu
15. untitled 1 (unreleased) by Nasrawi & essarai
16. (unreleased) by Nasrawi & essarai
17. untitled 3 (unreleased) by Nasrawi & essarai
18. (unreleased) by Nasrawi & esssrai
19. People Bounce by Young Spice
20. Kyoki by Alfa Mist
21. Like Jazz Feat Jorai (Interlude) by Kenji
22. Brozzi's Theme by La Band Del Brasiliano