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Investigations of a Dog - DACITU

BW068.2 x Absolut - Rohan Kalé

Liquid Drum and Bass Champion of Delhi, Mr.Rohan Kalé bringing up the heat with his smooth mix.

1. Tremble (feat Nether) by Tokyo Prose
2. Fanny's Ya Aunt by Jubei, Marcus Intalex
3. Many Times (feat Serum) by Mc Fats Collective
4. Tagtraum (GLXY, Satl & Malaky remix) by Camo & Krooked
5. By My Side by Soligen
6. Escape Your Smile by Monty
7. Interval by Spirit
8. Overthinking by Satl
9. Jamaican Dub by Satl
10. Lucid by Glxy
11. Open Your Eyes by Silence Groove
12. The Void by Satl
13. Lonely (feat Belle Humble - FD's Roll Out remix) by GLXY
14. Missing Pieces (feat Javeon) by Alix Perez
15. Don't Be Afraid by Satl
16. Bloo by Glxy
17. Second Chance by SpectraSoul
18. Fantasy (SpectraSoul remix) by Phaction
19. Beautiful by Soligen
20. Breaking Again (feat Naomi Olive) by Foreign Concept
21. I Wish by Satl
22. Song & Dance by Break, DLR & Randall
23. Nutso by Lewis James
24. If You're Here (Luke's Tangerine Dreaming Vip) by LSB
25. Thieves In The Night by Lenzman & Redeyes
26. Drowning by Lenzman
27. Make Me Feel by Hyroglifics & Signal
28. Keep It Together (feat Robert Manos - Calibre remix) by Blu Mar Ten
29. New Day (feat DRS) by Lsb
30. In My Mind (feat IAMDDB) by Lenzman
31. Step Tune (feat Random Movement) by T.R.A.C.
32. Running Away by Hannah Eve & GLXY
33. Rosewood (feat Christina Tamayo) by Submorphics
34. Rotary Motion by Technicolour & LSB & Komatic
35. The Glow (feat Benabu) by Monty & Hyroglifics
36. Unknown - Unknown
37. Nocturne by Arcatype
38. In Your Soul (feat Charli Brix) by Ill Truth & Satl
39. Flames (feat Solah) by Halogenix & SOLAH