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Investigations of a Dog - DACITU

Across The Universe 005 - D80

Grease up your perms, fluff up your fro and get your bell bottoms on for this jivey selection.

1. Spider by Herbie Hancock
2. Malaria fever by Chicken curry and his orchestra
3. This beautiful Ray gun by Michael Bundt
4. Fasten seat belt by Space
5. War Dance by Kebekelektrik
6. Music robot by Disco and co
7. Stone roller by Arpadys
8. African rap by Senyaka
9. Live in the other world by Itadi
10. Ghetto groove by Chicken curry and his orchestra
11. Shilela by Hailu Mergia
12. Speak out by Jaakko Eino Kalevi
13. Zambezi dance by Eddie Harris